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Why iRecruitCeliac?

Why iRecruitCeliac?

Accelerating Enrollment From Protocol to Study Completion

At iRecruitCeliac, our mission is clear: to expedite the development of effective treatments for celiac disease, enhancing the quality of life for those navigating a gluten-free diet. We understand that patient recruitment and retention pose significant challenges in bringing new drugs to market. That’s why we are dedicated to tackling these obstacles head-on, streamlining the process and driving progress in celiac disease studies.

  • Guided Study Design

    We provide expert guidance to address barriers and bottlenecks from screening to study completion, optimizing efficiency at every stage.

  • Patient Advisory Panels

    By curating diverse patient advisory panels, we improve satisfaction and retention, fostering a patient-centric approach throughout the study.

  • Impactful Study Branding and Marketing

    Our team designs compelling study branding and marketing assets for digital and print campaigns, ensuring maximum reach and engagement.

  • High-Performing Study Site Selection

    Leveraging our extensive database of high-performing, geo-targeted study sites, we maximize successful outcomes and accelerate recruitment.

  • Targeted Patient Reach

    Our unmatched celiac disease patient databases and extensive digital reach allow us to target qualified patients effectively, connecting them to study opportunities.

  • Seamless Collaboration

    Through our secure and compliant cloud-based solution, iQualifyCeliac, we connect patients, in-house call center specialists, coordinators, and sponsors, streamlining the screening and tracking process.

  • Real-Time Recruitment Insights

    Gain a 360-degree view of real-time recruitment statistics and site enrollment progress, empowering data-driven decision-making for optimized study outcomes.

  • Enhanced Efficiency

    From integrated medical record review to Virtual ClinCard patient compensation management, and comprehensive patient data capture through eConsent, eCOA, ePRO, eDiary, and wearable devices, we optimize success and streamline information transfer.

Get Started with iRecruitCeliac

Discover how our proven track record and proprietary technology can help you to recruit and retain patients for your celiac disease study faster and more cost-effectively. Contact us today to unlock the full potential of your celiac disease study.