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iQualifyCeliac Platform

iQualifyCeliac Platform

iQualifyCeliac: Empowering Celiac Disease Studies with Next-Generation Qualified Lead Screening

Experience the game-changing power of iQualifyCeliac. Our cutting-edge cloud-based platform sets a new standard in secure and data-protection compliant screening, making it the trusted global source to connect celiac disease patients with the right studies. iQualifyCeliac uses advanced screening algorithms and geotargeting to ensure only the most qualified leads are referred, accelerating enrollment, reducing site burden, and increasing patient retention.

iQualifyCeliac: Targeted and Transparent Prescreening

Effortlessly reach patients who meet your subject profile to optimize recruitment with iQualifyCeliac. Our dual screening process sets us apart by providing your sites with patients who are most likely to enroll, reducing the burden on site staff. The iQualifyCeliac sponsor/CRO portal gives you complete visibility to monitor real-time recruitment and enrollment progress, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to optimize study outcomes.

  • Custom prescreening survey
  • Medical record upload and review
  • Geo-targeted study sites and waitlist management
  • Comprehensive real-time recruitment and enrollment data

iQualifyCeliac: In-House Call Center

Our in-house call center is staffed with experienced professionals trained in celiac disease, ready to engage with patients on a personal level. With a comprehensive understanding of your study requirements, eligibility criteria, and benefits, we guide patients through each step, carefully assessing their interest, eligibility, and commitment. From addressing questions and concerns to providing ongoing support, our dedicated team ensures a seamless referral process, saving you valuable time and resources.

iQualifyCeliac: Study Site Contact Center

iQualifyCeliac streamlines study site screening so your coordinators can focus on what they do best—engaging patients and driving successful enrollment. The result? An efficient, coordinated effort that accelerates study progress.

  • Intuitive coordinator portal to contact and manage referrals
  • Automated reminders and alerts for accountability
  • Comprehensive sponsor/CRO portal with real-time monitoring tools

Contact us today to put the power of iQualifyCeliac to work for your study and reap the benefits of faster recruitment, improved retention rates, increased efficiency, and reduced costs.