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Patient Compensation & Data Capture

Patient Compensation and Data Capture

Simplifying Patient Compensation and Data Capture

We understand the challenges involved in managing patient compensation and the importance of accurate, compliant data capture. With our expertise and cutting-edge technology, we provide efficient, secure solutions that optimize these critical aspects of your research.

Effortless Compensation Management

In partnership with Greenphire, we offer a secure web-based payment solution that allows you to create customized compensation plans with real-time monitoring. Let us take care of collecting the payment details, tracking milestones, and ensuring accurate and timely compensation to guarantee a seamless experience for your study participants.

Harness the Power of Patient-Generated Data

We offer a secure, user-friendly, HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based clinical platform that enables patients to capture and submit data conveniently from their mobile devices.

  • Electronic informed consent (eConsent)
  • Electronic clinical outcome assessments (eCOA)
  • Patient-reported outcomes (ePRO)
  • Electronic diaries (eDiary)
  • Wearable device data including Apple Health integration

With robust data security measures in place, you can confidently collect and analyze patient-generated data to gain valuable insights and drive evidence-based research.