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Study Design & Patient Engagement

Study Design & Patient Engagement

Optimize Study Design For Inclusive Patient Engagement

We understand the critical roles that patient engagement and a well-designed protocol play in the success of your study. With our expertise in celiac disease study design and patient-centered methods, we optimize your protocol and develop effective patient advisory panels.

Design Your Path to Success: Protocol Review

Our deep understanding of the celiac disease landscape allows us to create thoughtful solutions to unique challenges. We offer our guidance to help you navigate the complexities of celiac disease study design with confidence, improving enrollment rates and accelerating recruitment timelines.

Maximize Engagement: Patient Advisory Panels

We specialize in patient advisory panel development, curating groups of representative individuals living with celiac disease. Give your study design a competitive edge by incorporating our valuable patient insights; we coordinate and facilitate meetings to provide you with the information needed to tailor your study, ensuring it is relevant, feasible, and impactful.

Health Equity: Targeted Messaging for Underserved Communities

We prioritize health equity, and in partnership with the National Alliance Against Disparities in Patient Health, tailor our messaging strategies to effectively engage everyone affected by celiac disease. By addressing cultural nuances including dietary considerations, language preferences, and barriers to participation, we ensure your study reaches people historically underserved and underrepresented in celiac disease research.

Enhancing Diversity: Track Recruitment Progress in Real-Time

Proactively pinpoint diversity gaps earlier in the enrollment process and take corrective action. Add geographically strategic sites to improve representation, identify disparities, and calibrate messaging to effectively address the concerns of underserved and underrepresented patient populations. Our iQualifyCeliac platform provides valuable real-time insights into:

  • Geo-targeted sites in underserved areas
  • Real-time screen failure data
  • Qualified patient opt-out reason