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Who We Are

Who we are

iRecruitCeliac: Empowering Research Through Patient Engagement

Our mission is to accelerate treatments for celiac disease to improve the quality of life for those who struggle with a gluten-free diet. Through our targeted services and proprietary iQualifyCeliac platform, we provide unparalleled engagement with patients with confirmed celiac disease and assure that your protocol speeds enrollment and maximizes retention. Offering customizable and flexible solutions that save you money and time, we are the trusted partner with sponsors, CROs and sites to successfully enroll and retain celiac disease patients in trials or studies.

The team behind iRecruitCeliac

Transforming Celiac Disease Research: Powering Patient Advocacy, Driving Innovation

For over 30 years, the Celiac Disease Foundation has been at the forefront of patient engagement and advocacy, leading the charge in advancing celiac disease research. Our unwavering commitment to securing federal funding, safeguarding patient rights, and accelerating research through digital solutions has made us a trusted global leader in celiac disease patient advocacy.

One of our groundbreaking contributions to research acceleration is the introduction of the iQualifyCeliac patient recruitment platform in 2018. This cutting-edge platform revolutionizes the enrollment process, significantly speeding up and reducing the cost of recruiting patients for trials and studies.

Powered by proprietary technology and fueled by the expertise of our dedicated in-house team, deeply experienced in celiac disease, we have successfully provided recruitment services for the majority of North American clinical trials for celiac disease therapeutics. Additionally, we have contributed to numerous studies exploring celiac disease and comorbid conditions, solidifying our reputation as a go-to resource for patient recruitment in the field.

Join us in driving innovation, transforming celiac disease research, and ultimately improving the lives of those who depend on a medically necessary gluten-free diet. Together, we can unlock the path to treatments and a cure that will shape the future of celiac disease management. Contact us today and experience the power of patient advocacy and research acceleration with iRecruitCeliac.

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