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Study Site Identification & Engagement

Study Site Identification & Engagement

Streamline Site Selection and Maximize Site Success

Identifying the right study site is critical to your study’s success. We recognize the challenges involved in identifying high-performing sites and understand the impact they have on enrollment and retention. That’s why we offer a database of high-performing sites considering patient demographics, site capabilities, and historical performance to optimize site selection. Our support doesn’t end there; once sites are chosen, site coordinators have access to our cutting-edge iQualifyCeliac platform. This innovative recruiting software simplifies and accelerates patient enrollment and enables greater patient retention to maximize your study results.

Optimize Site Selection with Data-Driven Insights

We leverage our extensive database and data-driven analysis to identify the most promising North American sites for your study, presenting you with a curated site list that aligns with your requirements to maximize your study’s potential for success.

  • Site capabilities
  • Site recruitment and enrollment performance
  • Local patient population demographics
  • Clinical research community insights

iQualifyCeliac: Speed Enrollment with Real-Time Referrals

You need to speed patients into your study, and that’s why we offer the iQualifyCeliac Study Site Contact Center: a powerful, user-friendly platform that empowers site coordinators to expedite enrollment and ensure that no patient is left behind. Coordinators receive qualified referrals in real time, allowing pre-screened patients to be contacted when their interest is at its peak. Coordinators can easily record and manage contact with patients, while sponsors and CROs can monitor real-time site performance and patient engagement from start to finish.

Enhance Study Success with Proactive Study Site Engagement

We recognize the vital role that study sites play in study success, so we prioritize effective and ongoing engagement with your study sites to ensure coordinators are supported throughout the entire recruitment and enrollment process. We work closely with site staff to provide comprehensive support to address inquiries and guidance on best practices. By prioritizing site engagement, we foster strong relationships that enhance study success.